Her Silence

‘Why did you forsake me?’*

“A good secret is kept old mate
Left where she slept last night
If you know what I mean.”

Yes, but her rope burns were red
Like the smash of her head on bathroom tiles
In this health-filed, stapled, case-managed department
Contusioned/elastoplated, surgeried/caretaken, brutal hospitality, where—
They all walks cause they has to.

“A good ignorance is blissed old pal
Missed and dissed
If you know what’s good for you.”

Yes, but you ought to be ashamed, even to be blamed
For such a low opinion of little girl-ed rope burns
In this mother-loved, clubbed, watched-over neighbourhood
Affectionated/drooled, romanced/heart-broken, ruthless secrecy, where—
They all hides cause they has to.

“A good silence is golden old friend
Un-beholden and olden
You know where to get off.”

Yes, but love took her in
Like a doll from a bin on garbo day
In this priest-peaced, anointed, prayed-over communion
Oxymoron-ed/foot-soldiered, corridor/efficiented, message of love, where—
They all loves cause they has to.

“A good lie is swallowed old buddy
Wallowed and shallowed
You know she’s R.I.P.”

Yes, but now I know the feather
I’ll cheat, bully and bash
These dark-sneering, cold-fingered healers
Til we all walks the same road as her broken heart, where—
They all breaks their hearts.

A good silence is broken old friend
Open and awoken
Her question is spoken
‘Why did you forsake me?’

Peter Volkofsky (2000)

* Matthew 27:45