Peter lives in Dubbo NSW, he has been married to his wife Penelope for thirty-eight years and they have seven children. While he and his wife were raising those children, Peter worked in adult education for twenty years. He also worked part-time as a Veterinary Surgeon and a nightclub bouncer.










Contact Details

Mobile: 0409 441 941
Email: peter.volkofsky (at) gmail.com


Catalytic Coaching

Catalytic (cat•a•lyt•ic)
(adj.) a process that precipitates an event

Peter’s Mission:
To be a motivating and enabling influence in the quest of another to reach their goal. To do this by inspiring the kind of curiosity, participation, ownership and risk-taking that allows them to be the one who finds the ‘gold’.

Approach to mentoring:
— enabling others to find the ‘gold’ in their own motivational world
— inspiring ownership, participation and curiosity
— creating and imagining

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Third Places

A ‘third place’ is a social gathering place where everyone is able to own it and feel welcome to participate. Peter has been deeply involved in the establishment of two such third places, each of which has required a considerable amount of networking, negotiating and liaising. In recent times for example, he collaborated with council, the Uniting Church, Cornerstone Community and local volunteers to help establish Midnite Café as a ‘third place’ in Dubbo. The FEAST Society at Newcastle University is another such third place, which Peter co-founded.



“I have known Peter Volkofsky for about fifteen years.  In this time, I have benefited from conversations with Pete that have helped me to clarify my thinking and have been encouraged to make positive changes in my life. Peter has a wealth of experience in causing others to take effective action and continues to be a positive influence in my life. I would recommend Peter as someone who could help others to galvanize their thinking and set a positive direction in their lives.”

  • Matt Ellis – Regional Cricket Manager


‘Over the past six years or so I have had the privilege of being mentored by Pete, and I believe he perfectly fits Henry Nouwen’s description of a real spiritual guide. “The real spiritual guide is the one who, instead of advising us what to do or to whom to go, offers us a chance to stay alone and take the risk of entering into our own experience.”

Rather than being my therapist or some sort of distributor of wise sayings and advice, Pete has helped facilitate my growth in a holistic and relational way. His approach reminds me of a master craftsman training an apprentice.

I think a big strength of Pete’s is the way in which he was able to help me navigate through challenges in my personal and spiritual life, marriage and practical life in a highly effective way without using contrived ‘ten step’ programs or imposing any sort of constrictive agenda on our meetings. Pete was able to create a safe environment where I felt as if no topic was out of bounds and no questions were forbidden, and I could ask them knowing that he would patiently engage without knee jerk judgements or hasty solutions.

Even in my most vulnerable and at times ugly moments, Pete understood and respected me, gently bringing things to my attention and inspiring me to face my fears head-on. Having Pete as a mentor was a rich opportunity. I highly recommend this wise, humble and adept teacher.’

  • Jethro Geier – Student


Peter Volkofsky is a man who knows himself and knows people. Over the three years that he has been a presenter at the Maitland Christian School Writers’ Retreat, Peter has been a gentle source of inspiration and instruction to the students. His ability to connect with people is evident and he makes an effort to get alongside the quieter, slightly isolated students. Peter’s reflections on Christian spirituality and on writing, demonstrate a deep awareness of life, our inner being and the wider universe. After any time spent with Peter, it soon becomes clear that this is a man who, in a gentle, non-confronting way, can help people understand the broader world and find the direction for which they are searching.

  • Mr Stephen McKinnon – High School Teacher


‘I have had the very great fortune of knowing Peter for 20 years. As the Dean of Broken Hill Cornerstone all those years ago, to his current endeavours, he has been one of those wonderful friends and mentors who genuinely cares about people. And not just for a season. He continues to speak words of truth and inspiration to all those who will listen. He is full of wisdom, wit, and candor: a mentor to many over lots of years.’If you find yourself fortunate enough to spend even an hour with him, you will get a glimpse of a remarkable man, who will, without doubt, be a catalyst in seeing you grow. I know that is what he has done for me. His life and wisdom have helped ‘wake me up’ and have inspired me to be who I am in all my complexity.’

Rebecca Baxter was a student at Cornerstone Community in 1995 when Peter was Dean. These days between everyday life commitments she is a leader in an online prayer community, and part of a dispersed Celtic Christian Community. Her goal in life is to leave this world a better place in the small sphere of influence she has, whilst partnering with the God who’s sphere of influence is far greater than her own.

Rebecca Baxter