‘Sex is serious in many ways, but in other ways it is very unserious. It reminds us of our middle state, not exactly angels but not just animals either. The act of love is a “Pagan sacrament”, as Sky-Father and Earth-Mother. One aspect of marriage that needs stressing today is the man’s responsibility in it. In neither the “Pagan sacrament” of sex nor the Christian fulfillment in marriage is the crown the man wears capable of being lorded over the woman: in the pagan sacrament it is as a crown of paper, like a party hat. In the Christian institution of marriage it is more like a crown of thorns.’*


* Lewis C. S. Four Loves (chapter on Eros)

quoted at, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~lahtid/literature/contempeng/cslewis/fourloves.htm