This morning as I was eating brekky I found another great insight from CH Dodd.

‘The devils in Pandemonium, “Reasoned high,
Of providence, foreknowledge, will and fate;
Fixed fate, free will, foreknowledge absolute;
And found no end in wandering mazes lost.”5

‘It is doubtful whether the human intellect has been more successful in solving the problems. Yet discuss we must … Augustine and Calvin after him had this profound intuition of the electing grace of God, but they both, and especially the latter, made the mistake of erecting upon it a rigid dogmatic system, and thereby laid snares for the feet of believers. The best commentators upon this passage are not the theologians but the greater hymn writers of the church. We shall read it best, not with an eye to logical implications and philosophical problems, but with a mind receptive of the tremendous affirmation that our salvation is rooted in the depths of God.’6

5 Milton, Paradise Lost
6 Dodd C. H. The Epistle to The Romans p.140-141 (commenting on Romans 8:29-30) The Moffatt NT Commentary – Hodder & Stoughton. 1947