Things that go nowhere


I believe in God Almighty and in Jesus Messiah his only Son our Lord

Who so loved the world he gave us blue skies

And all those other things that go nowhere

Like a song in an empty house

A river without a boat

And a broken heart as an answer.


Who was born of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary

Who played and laughed, wept and slept

Worked late; drank and ate.


Offended preachers who pretended

Fuddled teachers who were leeches

Lawyered lawyers who lawyered

Rocked Romans and Jews on six o’clock news


Delighted children

Excited me

Had fun under the sun

Performed miracles in coracles.


Was crucified under the enlightenment of Pontius Pilate

Rose from the dead on Day Three of my shopping spree

Ascended into heaven’s leaven

And sits at the right hand of the Father in that house across the road.


And now! … is the song in my empty house

The ripple in my river

The sweetness of the silence

In the broken-hearted faces on my street

Which come to judge and bless the living and the dead.

Peter Volkofsky (Spring 2012)