A fella’s out there in that there man-cave playin’ pool by himself
With fellas like that next thing there’s gonna be a gun and trouble big time
They damn well do it when they’re about robbin’ a bank or killin’ some guy.

Should I go see what’s up?
He needs some time to get his thoughts just thinkin’
Bout the cost of things and the way things are.

I say he’s moved by love
Some girl out in the country that he’s got
Tough thing about love that comes at you like that
They even say the sun moves “As beloved”*
Towards that fount of every blessing**.

Just like the fella at that there pool table
Out and about it goes
Lookin’ for that love that moves all things
Yearnin’ for the love like all of us
In our prayers n’ talkin’ to ourselves n’ stuff.

Even them that don’t pray, pray in their own way
Just like the sun, movin’ and movin’ still
The lazy-eyed stranger checkin’ out the girl but sayin’ he ain’t.

Baskin’ in those golden rays like a bloody great tom cat
On the warm verandah of this place they make their songs about
So glad there ain’t no fount of love they tells us all
And the fount don’t seem to mind
God bless him.

He knows they’re gone in love, just can’t admit to it
Breaks his heart to see us when we get like this
Shout’n and rant’n and curse’n our love
God bless us all.

(Peter Volkofsky Winter 2014)


** from the hymn, Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing, a Christian hymn written by the 18th century pastor and hymnist Robert Robinson.