Horses have much to teach us about ourselves.

By the time Lomitas was a three year old he was a dangerous nuisance on the race track and had been banned from the sport world-wide. But in 1991 Monty Roberts was called in to help. As soon as he saw the magnificent chestnut colt, he blurted out, ‘Gorgeous!’ And later, as he began work with the horse, he remembers thinking out-loud, ‘I am in the presence of greatness. I had better do my work with diligence, patience and competence.’

Fortunately for Lomitas, Roberts understood one of the golden rules of freedom and empowerment—especially as applied to those who have been hurt. So, whenever the horse wanted to take control, Monty respected that and gave him more freedom instead of less, and rather than forcing him to cooperate, he would turn his back and allow Lomitas to do whatever he liked. Lomitas responded by coming in closer. Soon he was running after Monty with his nose right on his shoulder. The rest is a magnificent piece of history—including Lomitas being honoured as Germany’s horse of the year—which can be read in The Real Horse Whisperer  by Monty Roberts. There is also a well presented eulogy to Lomitas (including some famous race replays) by Monty Roberts at the following site: http://www.montyroberts.com/horses/lomitas/