To You

Take my hand and listen
Take my heart and pray.

I can hear the rumble of deep motors
Of tying on the blindfold, swallowing the pills
Foot to the floor, screaming through
Those micro-lies
Quick thinking replies.

I am the burning blade dragging across your heart.
The smooth brown, laughing, river full of sisters
The sighing trees, the singing stars
That long to be alone with you
That wait through the night for you to turn and look, really look
At my pale sky paper-wrapping
All dressed up like Christmas
With her blood red ribbon of sun
Inviting you to do likewise
To offer up your sunrise
To loosen up your heart
To become like her, a prayer, for quenching thirsty ones.

Take my hand and listen
Take my heart and pray
That love finds the light
That grace makes a way – for me, to you.’


Peter Volkofsky (March 2018)