“So far from being the final religious refinement, Pantheism is in fact the permanent natural bent of the human mind; the permanent ordinary level below which man sometimes sinks, under the influence of priestcraft and superstition, but above which his own unaided efforts can never raise him for very long, Platonism and Judaism and Christianity (which has incorporated both) have proved the only things capable of resisting it. It is the attitude into which the human mind automatically falls when left to itself. No wonder we find it congenial. If religion means simply what man says about God, and not what God does about man, then Pantheism almost is religion. And religion in that sense has only one really formidable opponent – namely Christianity.” 1

What does Lewis mean by ‘what God does about man’?

1 CS Lewis, Miracles p.87 Fount 1980 “Those who make religion their god will not have God for their religion’ (Lewis quotes Thomas Erskine)