Citizenship & Worldview Survey

(Conducted by Cornerstone Community in collaboration with Sydney University Student Life)

      • Date: 17th September 2012
      • Location: Sydney University
      • Total Number surveyed 20 (10 M & 10 F)
      • Ages: 18 – 25
  1. Did you know that it is Australian Citizenship Day?  1/ yes            ( 4 answers not recorded)               15 / no
  2. What makes a good Australian citizen?
7 x being tolerant of other cultures
6 x work and being socially and community minded
6 x mate-ship and selflessness
5 x Play by the rules
3 x proud of Australia
3 x Morality and selflessness
1 x ability to speak English
1 x a willingness to challenge the government
  1.       3. What do you think is the most powerful influence on the values of   Australia as a nation?
11 x media and popular culture
3 x religion
2 x tolerance
1 x apathy
1 x America & Europe
1 x participation in the wars of the 20th century
1 x tantrum throwers
1 x education
1 x government
    1. 4. What are the things that concern you about our culture?
14 x balance of culture and tolerance
6 x people are uneducated, easily swayed & won’t speak up
3 x drunken-ness
1 x sexuality
1 x Tall Poppy syndrome
1 x lack of community & lack of culture
1 x none
      1. Is there any particular Australian music/poetry/writing/artwork that is having a profound impact on your values?
4 x Triple J/ music
3 x no
2 x selflessness & tolerance
1 x Tim Winton
1 x Aboriginal Dreaming
1 x Steven Fry
1 x Classic Film
1 x Bible
1 x Mumford & Sons & CS Lewis
1 x Dorothea Mackeller’s ‘My Country’
1 x Whitlam
1 x America
1 x Aussie Films (I Am Eleven, Bra Boys, etc … )
1 x popular culture
* ‘Our high school curriculum ruins it’ (vision of Aussie art/culture), said one interviewee

 6. Do you believe there is more than the material realm?

           12 / yes             2/ unsure                5 / no

7. have you ever had a spiritual experience?

2 /  yes              2/ unsure                     10 / no

8. What do you think are the main intellectual obstacles to faith / spiritual belief?

10 x proving it
3 x fanaticism
2 x lack of searching
1 x busyness
1 x other opinions
1 x fear
1 x no obstacles

 9. We hold to a Christian world view. What do you understand the basic message of Christianity to be?

10 x doing good to others (Good Samaritan)
3 x following Jesus & accepting his teachings
1 x ten commandments
1 x not sure … distorted by institutions

 10. Would you like to hear a brief explanation of the basic elements of the Christian worldview?

                    12 / yes               8 / no

* Caveat: this sample is too small to be statistically significant. Also, some of those surveyed used more than one category in their answers, which means that some answers have more than twenty responses. However, these factors do not negate the survey since it’s purpose is to add to Cornerstone’s ongoing research on community opinions and to be a catalyst for conversation and discussion on the relationship between Australian worldview and faith, with a particular focus on Australia’s Christian heritage.

* Discussion: I will post some thoughts about this survey over the next few days.