Christmas Secrets

Last night my wife called us all to the back door in her ‘look what I’ve found’ tone of voice. We always put down whatever we’re doing when we hear her calling like that. And sure enough there was a treasure awaiting us. This one was just above the shed in the sky: a glowing ball of moon.

With Christmas not too far away I can’t help asking the question, ‘What if Santa Claus is real?’ What if there is actually a secret giver of gifts who leaves treasures lying around for us when we are not looking?

Yes, it’s true that in one way this kind of gift is for everyone. But just because it is ‘for everyone’, does that also mean it could not actually be just for you at this moment? What if it’s possible for a gift to be of the kind that everyone receives a blessing from it but at the same time some of us—in one overwhelming moment—might secretly know that we have been personally thought of? And with it comes a sense of fear, wonder, joy and even dread?

The timing of the gift might be so precious and touch you so deeply that you daren’t breathe a word about it—ever. But it shows doesn’t it? And when you see it and feel it in another, it’s unmistakeable. In the eyes of a newborn baby for example. It’s why the psalm writer says that we were ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’.