The Night

Wondering about the night that’s sleeping now
And the dog that wants to go out and play
Think I’ll go with the dog and see if there’s things that move

Or what the stars are doing
Or what might come to meet me
Knocking softly on the oaken doors of mind and heart—walking with me in the dark.

Like that boy on a night just like this
Swinging through the moon in a tree
Or that other one laughing with the running waves of a muddy river

Or that girl smiling like the sun on her face
Or that other one who was always delighted, still is

And the wife who’s always making, adorning the world each day—and this Lovely Presence, Walking this grove of silver gums.

I’m sure Eve was here the other night, weeping and singing

And Adam came past in a hurry, looking away
I tried to make out that the dog was fierce
But Adam just turned, smiled and said hello

‘It’s too beautiful a night for sleeping,’ he said.

Peter Volkofsky January 2019