Been listening to John Powell's sound track for the Bourne Supremacy today. Having watched the film a couple of years ago, it drifts me easily right into the scenes and allows me to enjoy the story more by feeling than by seeing, which—and this is no criticism of the visuals—frees me from the particular details of the actual movie and in so doing takes me through what I think of as the door of forgetfulness where this is not just a film, it's another universe where I am lost; unable to remember who I am. Then there's something—a menacing face searching the crowd; searching for me. And there's a movement. Suddenly I'm running hard, racing through streets in a little jeep with my girl, still not knowing who or where I am. A shot is fired. My girl is hit and we're careening off a bridge into a river. The enemy still chasing, chasing and chasing and me underwater trying to pull my woman from a drowning wreck of a vehicle.

This is so like what happens sometimes when you go alone to an ocean or a desert late at night and let yourself listen and be taken in through that door of forgetfulness. Here though you are not coming just to be entertained. You are coming to both work and play and perhaps be given a dire warning or maybe even make a confession or two (not that you look forward to that bit). The work is usually that of intercession and the play is up to the great Overseer. It is of course not always exciting, but it is always beautiful and dangerous with a sense of invitation. So you go and you need to go with your hand in the hand of the Messiah, your spirit filled with the Paraclete and your entire self inside the everlasting arms of the Great and Loving Father.