The End Of The World

The End Of The World

I don’t have anything to write so I’m just rambling on here. First of all it’s a dull winter’s night and on nights like this you could go for a walk along the Old Man Saltbush avenue towards the river—no snakes at this time of year, unless of course they’ve been dragged out of a hole by a dog, in which case they would be dead anyway. But it could be worth it because that river is the one the horse walked across, got lost and then came back two years later. Almost immediatley we traded that horse for a dog and then a few days later the horse was bitten by a snake and died. So yes, it’s the river that turned our horse into a dog: sort of.

Anyway, when you walk down that way at night you get to thinking—and praying of course—about all the friends you’ve made, especially the dead ones. Like George for example, who used to say, ‘Courage! God mends all.’ And then there’s Fyodor the magician of making novels out of dialogue who’s characters say things like, ‘Why, the whole world of knowledge isn’t worth that child’s tears to her.’ And of course there’s always old Spenser not too far away—perhaps lingering near that end of the Milky Way—whose gentle knight says to his sad-faced Faerie Queene, ‘Found never help who never would his hurts impart.’ To which his lady says, ‘O but, great grief will not be told. And can more easily be thought than said.’

Then, in an absurd moment of temptation, a mysterious and powerful Lord appears and says to the knight, ‘Behold, thou faerie’s son, with mortal eye, that which living eye never before did see. The thing you crave so earnestly: to know where all the riches shown by me, did come from. Now! Is revealed to you. Here is the fountain of the world’s good … To which the knight replies, ‘Suffice it then thou Money God, that all thine idle offers I refuse. All that I need I have. What needeth me to covet more than I have cause to use?’

Rambling out at night along a saltbush trail takes you to the end of the world in such a short time. Looks like I have an appointment there tonight. Good night! And may you have amazing dreams.