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Dad Music: River

Waiting for that boy to come for his weekly visit to me: the old family friend bloke. We both need the river today. Me, cause I’ve had enough of all this starting the new work year and having to sort days and times and rooms and zooms. So needing to get out of here....

Christmas Gauntlet

World soaking through, dreaming, failing loving Purpose straying, hope betraying Angering so-over joying Happiness, pleasing.   Agonising, pretending, water off duck's back Getting over, moving on Money powering, laughter healing Silly, stupid-ing: toads of Toad...

Coming Home

‘…Lying down again, he lifts his feet up and tries for another nap. EJ walks over with a cushion. He pushes it behind his neck, closes his eyes and meditates on a passage from the book of Isaiah: ‘Comfort, comfort, O my people—’ but it’s going nowhere. Instead, a...

Fatal Shore

Fatal Shore

A happy marriage A beautiful beach on a nice day A death trap for a spectator who knows Nothing of the rips, sharks, storms, rocks The necessary woundings that made this dreadful Wonderfully irresistible, lovely, deadly, unspeakable—song.

Dad Music

I'm six and half years old, a nuggety kid who can ride a bike faster than my brothers, except for my older brother, who sometimes beats me—actually he almost always beats me. But that's okay cause my dad rides a horse in the sunshine. It's a great grey animal that's...