A Christian becoming suddenly popular—aka a ‘darling of the media’—in their vocation, who is also hoping to publicly acknowledge their gratitude to God, needs to prepare themselves for a sophisticated juggernaut of secular ‘spin’, which has a virtual armament of jokes, knowing yawns and looks that can neutralise any word of praise that is publicly offered to a foreign god in this land supposedly birthed by secular, democratic capitalism. Outrage about this is water off a duck’s back since everyone here is convinced that aeons ago in the primeval prologue of post-modernism a great battle happened in which the Mother God Christiania was torn asunder and gave birth to a shining new baby called Enlightenment who mated with Democracy and gave birth to a brood of new gods. These gods are best represented on our screens by a kind of triad of symbols: The Goatee, the Clown and the Red and White Giggle. Just in case you’re wondering about this take on our origins there was a fresh update in TIME Magazine Feb 13, 2012 by Rana Foroohar who, writing about the gathering of world leaders at Davos, said: ‘It came into sharp relief at Davos, that the core ideas of the enlightenment—free market capitalism and democracy—going hand in hand to create the best society, is evolving.’ Evolving into what?