1. The air-head

2. The curious air-head: ‘Is this stuff fun and interesting?’

3. The pub philosopher: ‘Is there meaning in life?’

4. The cynical pub philosopher: ‘How can you know if anything’s true anyway?’ (see q.5)

5. The genuine philosopher (who argues not for a win but for truth): ‘What are the criteria that must be fulfilled before a worldview has been shown to be justified and true?’

6. The honest philosopher: ‘Before we go any further in examining the evidence, are we agreed that our jury is out on the question as to whether this universe is a story of miracle or not?’

7. The pragmatic pub philosopher: ‘Will it work for me?’ (see q.12-14)

8. The brave pub philosopher: ‘Is there a God?’ (see q.5)

9. The angry soul: ‘I refuse go any further until I get an answer to my ‘please explain?’ from God about all the s—! in this world.’ (see q.12-14)

10. The honest soul: ‘What do you do if you trust God but find yourself telling him that you don’t feel any love for him?’ (see q. 12 -14)

11. The post-modern pub philosopher: ‘I’m not sure, but am I allowed to belong to this crowd of God-lovers?’ (see q.12-14)

——————–the spooky line———————————————–

12-14. The theologian: ‘What is God like? Have I constructed an easily-dismissed ‘straw-god’ in my imagination? What do all these stories about wrestling with God and God changing his mind mean?’

15. The hungry soul: ‘Can I know God?’

16. The vulnerable soul: ‘How do I let myself be found by God?’

17. The gambler: ‘What does God want me to do?’ (the only stage where we are not in control)