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A Quiet Train

Strange things happen on quiet nights and this is what happened to me one quiet night. I'm in the city of Sydney on my own, hoping for a nice easy train ride and a sleep. There doesn't seem to be anyone on the carriage. Perfect! But as I'm sitting down, it's like Uh...

Voices In The Night

It’s late, late in winter and late in life for the two of us: this lovely wife and me. Our tribe of kids have all made their way out into what we call the world, which I prefer to think of as the ‘cosmos’: an old Greek word that means ‘ornament.’ And here I am, hands...



It's one of those late night chill-out times in our lounge room, a candle burns on the table and the glass of port feels good in the hand and on the throat. #3 son has just gotten home from work and we're talking over the day. He tells me about a dumb job they gave...