Peter Volkofsky | Author & Life Coach

Peter Volkofsky is an author, spoken word poet and life coach. In 2017, Peter published his thriller Mia's Magic Wand. In 2015 he published Beautiful Quest as an Ark House imprint. Peter has been married to his wife Penelope for thirty-three years and together they have reared seven children.

Catalytic (cat•a•lyt•ic)

(adj.) a process that precipitates an event

The Vision

Individuals and teams reaching their goals.


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‘Give up the fight now,’ he said, ‘for …


'You will be dead so long as you refuse to die.'

(Lilith p.157 -- George MacDonald)

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fascinating complexity

'Beyond a certain point, complexity is fraud' (PJ O'Rourke) and, I might add, it has a name: obfuscation, which means to deliberately bewilder or confuse in order to hide a weakness. Next time why not just say, 'I'm not sure,' or, 'I don't know.'

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The devil fell through force of gravity (as in, taking himself too seriously)

GK Chesterton